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Madan’s success started with a small shop in Katra named New Sachdev Brothers in the year 1958 and ever since there has been no looking back. Moving towards glory and success they came up with Madan Hosiery in Colonelganj that provided kids school uniforms for all schools in Prayagraj and nearby cities. This store has seen a lot of generations of the city grow and graduate from here.

 In the year 1999, they introduced Madan Collections at SP Marg Civil Lines, the first of its kind, for the first time brands that were never available before in Prayagraj were made available to the people here, a superb collection of perfumes and wrist watches were showcased in glass and were available for purchase! As a new kind of store this added another feather to the hat of Madan.

 They didn’t stop there, the people of the city were developing a better taste in fashion and needed more options so later they put up Karv Family store which back in that time had its own website for school uniforms: www.mykarv.com which was a revolutionary step in the market.

Madan stores Prayagraj has set another benchmark last year when they started their exclusive men the store called Madan Men which is a three-story building that has everything a man could need, every brand possible is accommodated in this three-level store and this year they have come up with an exclusive store for women called Madan Women that has everything a girl/woman could desire to have in her wardrobe, the best of brands, bags, accessories, etc.

 Madan stores have greatly contributed to aiding the fashion sense and availability of all fashion types to our city.

In 2019 Madan has gifted the town with its very own and exclusive toy store called Toyport. This state-of-the-art toy showroom has garnered many eyeballs of city folks. With brands from all across the globe the store is ready to become the only name on your baby’s mind.

 So what are you waiting for? Visit us at any of our stores and experience the awesome amalgamation of Prayagraj’s traditional and modern taste.

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